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Bear Clover Consulting (BCC) sprang to life in 2013 as an “answer” to the many requests I had from Owners, CFOs, Controllers & Accounting Departments in the Real Estate Industry.

How it All Began

I had been in the Real Estate Accounting world for over 10 years. I had seen all aspects from placing BPO’s, handling A/P, working with agents, getting my real estate license, selling, and managing the accounting for a 1,400 plus agent office. I then took a step back and started training a real estate accounting software firm.

Gaining Valuable Experience

I trained offices both large and small across the United States and became familiar with the differences & similarities in the industry. Through it all, I continued to have requests for additional hands on support, pleas to join their team and appeals to assistance with projects. Finally, I took the leap and started my own firm to handle all those requests.

Bear Clover Today

Today, BCC is a strong addition to any real estate office’s portfolio. We work with offices of any size, from managing their monthly bank reconciliations and financial reports to helping implement new procedures and everything in between.We enjoy getting to know each office, their people and how they operate and help them make a stronger more organized atmosphere. We like to take the guess work out of their reports and give them quality information so they can run the business efficiently.

We Speak Accounting in a Way Everyone Can Understand

We pride ourselves in the ability to speak accounting in a way that everyone can understand, so you don’t have to have accounting experience to sit down and discuss your questions or concerns about your accounting reports or processes.  We are here to help you!